Avid tennis, golf, soccer, football, basketball, runner, wrestler, cyclist, or triathlete? Tired of sports injuries nagging your performance or enduring pain?

We offer Sports Injuries Prevention and Rehabilitation Protocols in our office.

ARP Wave NeuroTherapy injury prevention programs have been used by thousands of athletes to drastically reduce muscle tendon and ligament injuries. We did a study with a D3 college football team who for 5 years averaged 8-10 hamstring injuries a season. After implementing our Neuro Injury Prevention program we call loosening they had 0 hamstring injuries in the season.

ALL injury is the direct result of your muscles NOT being able to absorb force. This has NOTHING to do with how strong or fit you are it is 100% a neurological function.

Over 95% of ALL athletes are not neurologically efficient to absorb force henceforth the result is injury.

Think of your body as a computer and your muscles are the hardware and your nervous system is your software. You have trained your hardware ALL your life you have NEVER trained your nervous system which is the software that controls your hardware and controls your ability to ABSORB FORCE.

You can PREVENT the majority of muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries by increasing your ability to ABSORB FORCE.

Let us know how we can help optimize your sports performance and help you prevent injuries!

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