Our ARP therapy options are a great solution for active individuals who want relief from chronic pain, to stimulate healing, and enjoy improved performance in Cornelius.

iStock-505873053_resized body electric pain managementAt Body Electric Rejuvenation Center, we know that finding the right solutions for alleviating pain and improving your performance can lead down many paths. We also know that when you find the right options, it can make all the difference in the results and how your body feels. We have found that our ARP therapy options are a great solution for many athletes and other active individuals in Cornelius, North Carolina who want relief from chronic pain, to stimulate healing, and to enjoy improved performance.

  • ARP Wave Pain Therapy – One popular form of ARP therapy is Wave Pain Therapy, which targets the offending muscles and aims to promote healing at the source of discomfort. Rather than simply dealing with symptoms, this type of ARP therapy provides long-term healing at the site of injury.
  • ARP POV Sport Fitness – Another excellent ARP therapy that we offer is the ARP POV Sport Fitness system, which facilitates muscle strengthening and recovery, allowing the user to achieve greater physical results in shorter periods of time. Used to enhance performance for anyone who leads an active lifestyle, this form of ARP therapy can be a great addition to your performance routine.

In addition to ARP therapy, we offer CrossFit exercises, prehab, and e-stem, which all have their advantages when encouraging the body’s natural healing abilities.

If you have questions about ARP therapy or would like to try one of these alternative systems, please contact us at Body Electric Rejuvenation Center today to get started.