By using our ARP POV Sport system, you will see that your sport fitness levels improve in Cornelius.

iStock-596804694_resized body electric pain managementIf you lead an active lifestyle, then knowing how to manage your sport fitness goals can be a big part of how you improve your strength and agility. At Body Electric Rejuvenation Center, we are equipped to help with both sport fitness goals and pain management solutions as you strive to better yourself as an athlete in Cornelius, North Carolina.

One of our most popular sport fitness options at Body Electric Rejuvenation Center is our ARP POV Sport system. This electrical stimulation device is ideal for facilitating health, performance, and restoration. By using the ARP POV Sport system, you will see that your sport fitness levels improve in the arenas of strength, speed, power, and endurance, while also reducing fatigue and the side effects of muscle strains and other sports injuries. Another great benefit of this system is that it allows you to stimulate your sport fitness training and customize your workouts for the ideal results.

In addition to the ARP POV Sport fitness system, we offer a number of other pain management and pain therapy treatments that can help you improve performance while reducing the side effects and symptoms of sports-related conditions.

At Body Electric Rejuvenation Center, our first priority is to provide you with unique solutions that help you become the athlete that you are meant to be! Contact us today to learn more about our sport fitness options and to schedule a consultation.  We look forward to helping you become faster and stronger and enjoy greater endurance in all of your daily activities!