clienttestimonials body electric pain managementRobbie Parks has been coming to Body Electric since February after several accidents left him with a broken neck, a torn bicep and a tendon rupture. Join us as Robbie describes the changes the ARP Wave Pain Therapy made in his life. And, make sure to stay tuned next week, for Part II of Robbie’s testimony!

The ARP Wave System is soft tissue therapy which deals with the neurological origin of all soft tissue conditions and symptoms. It addresses the cause of the symptoms, not just the physical symptoms. The ARP Wave Stystem is also beneficial to anyone that may be suffering from chronic pain or a chronic disorder! By finding the offending muscles that cause most chronic pain and chronic disorders, the ARP Wave System can provide the proper neurological stimulation to the body, retrain the muscles, and provide the patient with satisfying relief. ARP Wave machine is a level 2 durable medical device and the treatment is reimbursed by some insurance carriers and can often be used through the flexible spending programming.