A very common cause of knee pain in children and adolescents, Osgood Schlatter’s occurs when the patellar tendon (the tendon connecting the knee cap to the tibia bone of the lower leg) pulls on the tibia. The force on this tendon causes inflammation and sometimes even painful swelling. Often this is blamed on the faster rate of physical growth at these young ages, but by training the muscles of the leg to properly elongate and absorb force, the body can learn to absorb force properly and keep it out of this tendon.


This is exactly what we’re able to accomplish with the ARP wave System. You feel the problem ending up in the knees, but it is actually coming from muscles that are not absorbing force properly. These muscles allow force to get into this tendon, and the ARP Wave System enables us to find and repair the function of the offending muscles. Working on the origin of the problem in this manner allows us to reverse the symptoms in a very short period of time.

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