Bone-on-bone is a case of arthritis that has progressed way too far, and if you are in this situation you’ll typically be told you need a hip, knee, or shoulder replaced. When force is not absorbed properly by the muscles, it transfers to the supportive structures of the joints. Over time, this force causes cartilage to wear away bit by bit. Eventually the damage adds up, and you are left with a bone-on-bone joint.


The degeneration initially came from some muscles that were not absorbing force properly. The first phase of the ARP Wave System involves finding those offending muscles, and rapidly retraining them to keep force out of the damaged joint. Doing so will dramatically reduce pain and prevent any further damage from occurring. Once the pain is reduced, the next phase involves drawing large amounts of blood to the area. The additional blood flow gives the body its best opportunity to repair the damage that has occurred.

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