MPS Global’s RHACE (Radiant Heat Aided Cardio Exercise) is the most advanced and effective routine for PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS IN THE 21ST CENTURY! Inspired by the intense training sessions professional boxers employ inside a sauna to increase their strength and stamina as they lose weight, MPS Global developed Active Carbon Fibers™, which facilitate a rapid warming up but does not make it difficult to breathe during the exercise. 

This 21st century technology is one of the fastest and easiest ways to lose weight. FAR Infrared Radiant Heat activates and increases the body’s metabolism, which, in turn, stimulates the release of unwanted fat, toxins, and waste products as it strengthens the immune system … ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

MPS RHACE allows the pounds to MELT away!The radiant heat deeply penetrates into the facial and muscular tissue, sweating out toxins and inducing increased blood circulation throughout your entire body. Women and men love it because the technology works and saves time, and there is no need to lift heavy weights. Each workout session lasts less than 20 minutes. Our secret is simple: perform cardio exercises in FAR Infrared Heat with active carbon fibers for detoxification and increased blood circulation.


This tough yet highly effective weight-loss training is an enjoyable fitness exercise for the general public while maintaining rapidness and effectiveness of the original training in a sauna.”
Free From Physical Tiredness
Minimized Physical Workout
Effortless and Relaxing
Lose Weight Fast

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