Rejuvenation Center

You want to lose weight, but no matter what you do, the scale won’t budge. Instead of giving up, we want you to visit our rejuvenation center for Radiant Heat Aided Cardio Exercise (RHACE). This unique weight loss system involves encouraging a significant amount of spontaneous perspiration with advanced radiant heat technology. Even though your body will warm up rapidly during each session, you will not have a hard time breathing during the exercise.

One of the reasons why so many of our clients who visit our rejuvenation center to take advantage of RHACE experience results is because the use of infrared radiant heat can increase the body’s metabolism. As a result, this stimulates the release of waste products, toxins, and unwanted fat while strengthening the immune system.

During each session, radiant heat penetrates deeply into the muscular and facial tissue to detoxify it. Then, the body sweats out these toxins and increases blood circulation. We highly recommend this technology because:

  • It actually works.
  • It saves you time.
  • You don’t need to lift heavy weights.
  • Each session is nearly effortless and relaxing.

Most RHACE sessions last about 20 minutes, so you can get back to your day soon after you walk into our rejuvenation center while capitalizing on the benefits of this amazing weight loss technology.

Get the weight loss results you want by taking advantage of the benefits of RHACE! Contact us at Body Electric Rejuvenation Center to find out more.