Light Therapy

If you know that tired and haggard look on your face in the middle of the day, it might not always be that you didn’t get enough sleep. Your skin is a reflection of many things, including your skin care routine, whether you are healthy or sick, sun damage and acne scarring, and aging. Just because your skin is saying that it’s tired, however, doesn’t mean that it has to show it! With light therapy, you can turn your skin into the beautiful, youthful skin you want and deserve.

Light therapy functions by doing two things. Firstly, it yields more immediate results by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing away blemishes on your face and body. Within a few treatments, you’ll begin to see the results of light therapy. The second benefit of light therapy is that is targets the deeper layers of your dermis, stimulating collagen growth and encouraging your skin’s natural ability to produce healthy cells. This is important because as your light therapy treatments continue, you will see ongoing improvements over time.

Whether you want to target aging facial skin or you have other areas of your body where cellulite is a problem, light therapy can be the solution you are looking for. Used in conjunction with some other treatments, you’ll begin to see the you in the mirror you always knew was there!

If you are ready to try light therapy, or have questions about how it works, contact us at Body Electric Rejuvenation Center today.