BE SlimNow

There is nothing more frustrating than putting in long hours at the gym and working towards your goals, only to find that you just can seem to get the results that you really want. If you are carrying around extra body weight that just won’t go away, we have a solution.

At Body Electric Rejuvenation Center, we offer many different services to help our clients look and feel their best. Our signature BE SlimNow program is designed for your specific body type and goals so that you can finally see the body that you have been working towards.

How does BE SlimNow work? This six-week program combines:

  • Advanced cold light therapy
  • A user-friendly meal plan
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Lymphatic exercise
  • Other advanced technology

The best part is that the BE SlimNow program is targeted to your specific goals. We’ll work directly with you to individualize this plan for your goals and body type, so you get the results you want.

You may have some additional questions, like how does cold light therapy work? Cold light therapy is a revolutionary way to get rid of stubborn fat cells naturally. Using cold light therapy as part of your BE SlimNow program will help you begin to see results faster and without the negative side effects that some other procedures might cause. Many people see dramatic results using cold light therapy as part of their weight loss regimen!

Get ready to “BE SlimNow” and contact us at Body Electric Rejuvenation Center today to learn more about his exciting program. We can wait to see your great results!