One treatment option we offer that has helped countless people in Cornelius take back their life from incontinence is the O-Shot.

Incontinence body electric pain management
Are you embarrassed by urinary incontinence and find yourself wishing there was a way you could enjoy normal activities again without worry? At Body Electric Rejuvenation Center, we often see clients in Cornelius, North Carolina who are dealing struggles related to the aging body and hormonal changes. One treatment option that has helped countless people take back their life from incontinence is the O-Shot, which uses the body’s own regenerative capabilities to restore control to the vagina and bladder.

The O-Shot uses your own platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, which is collected during a normal blood draw just like you would find at a routine office visit. The blood that is collected is then sent through a centrifuge, allowing the platelets to separate from red blood cells. The PRP is then injected back into the vagina near the bladder wall, leading to tighter vaginal skin and greater control over bladder function. Additional advantages of having the O-Shot include increased sensitivity and sex drive in maturing women.

At Body Electric Rejuvenation Center, we will be happy to discuss your needs if urinary incontinence has become a concern and is affecting your livelihood. We believe you should be able to live your best life, no matter your age, and we will work with you to determine if the O-Shot is a good solution. We offer a comfortable, confidential environment and believe that you’ll enjoy the results in all aspects of your life!

Contact us today to learn more about this unique procedure and to schedule a consultation with us at Body Electric Rejuvenation Center.