Contact us today to find out how the O-Shot can rejuvenate your sex life.

iStock-534034652_resized body electric pain managementImprove your sex life and cure urinary incontinence with the Orgasm Shot! The O-Shot is an innovative procedure that involves rejuvenating the vagina after injecting plasma-rich platelets into the area. You can have just one shot or come back for more to build on the existing PRP.  

Here at Body Electric Rejuvenation Center, we want you to live your best life, which is why we’re proud to offer the revolutionary O-Shot. After the PRP is injected into key areas of the vagina and clitoris, the vagina tissue is rejuvenated by regenerative cells. You’ll likely experience some of the following results:

  • Tighter vaginal skin
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Enhanced desire
  • A better, healthier sex life!

Today, the O-Shot is one of the only treatments out there for females struggling with sexual dysfunction, and this procedure has been backed by plenty of scientific research. You might be a good candidate for the O-Shot if you struggle with pain during sex, low desire, difficulty becoming aroused, and problems orgasming.

Regardless of how old you are or where you are in your life, the O-shot is for you if you want to take your sex life to a new level. Our goal is to provide this innovative procedure in a comforting, confidential environment designed to inspire your confidence and satisfaction.

Find out why so many women are raving about the O-Shot! Contact us at Body Electric Rejuvenation Center today for more information about how the O-Shot can revitalize your sex life.

Incontinence body electric pain management


One treatment option that has helped countless people take back their life from incontinence is the O-Shot, which uses the body’s own regenerative capabilities to restore control to the vagina and bladder.

Sex-Drive-in-Females-1 body electric pain management

Sex Drive in Females

With the O-Shot, we have been able to improve sex drive in females using this naturally regenerative solution for improving sensitivity, vaginal skin firmness, and enhanced desire.