Health and Wellness : There Is A Difference
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Let us take care of you 

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam 
  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Detox Recommendations 
  • Stress Management 
  • Metabolic Performance 

As healthcare and insurance companies continue to prioritize profits over lives, we help our patients treat the underlying causes of their health conditions. We do not use drugs to mask symptoms. We use proven treatments that focus on preventive care and long term solutions that proactively improve overall health and wellness.

The world we live in is full of toxins: industrial toxic chemicals, car exhausts, pesticides, insecticides, chemicals in everyday items such as furniture, cosmetics, household cleaners, toys, and even our food. These toxins creep into the average routine of every person. The kidneys, liver, intestines, and skin are the main detoxification organs of our body and work to filter out all the harmful substances. However, over time organs can become overloaded. If this happens it will slow down the function of the organ and contributes to the accumulation of these toxins in your bloodstream. 

The Intestines act as a filter for the toxins we digest. Digested food passes through the intestines. During this process, the intestines absorb nutrients from the food. They also balance good and bad bacteria which aids in the digestion process and breaks down toxins. If the digestive process is damaged, digested food can remain in the gut and the body will reabsorb the toxins.

Traditionally our healthcare system is geared toward treating symptoms and not the underlying cause. For that reason, insurance companies do not customarily pay for preventative testing such as the COMPREHENSIVE STOOL ANALYSIS that is being offered in our new approach to WELLNESS at Body Electric.

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