clienttestimonials1 body electric pain managementHappy New Years wishes from Melissa, Coral, and everyone here at Body Electric! We want to thank each and every one of our patients and patrons, as you are the reason we do what we do, and we appreciate your support more than we can explain.

Check out some recent Case Studies from patients utilizing the amazing technology that is the ARP Wave Neurotherapy System!

Bernard entered complaining of neck pain along with headaches, vertigo, and TBI. These injuries occurred between 2004-2006 in multiple explosions while overseas. He rates his pain 6-7/10 daily with symptoms worsening over the years.

By session 12 the patient stated that he has 0/10 pain in his neck and his headaches decreased from daily to occasional. At session 16-18 he has no headaches, no neck pain, and no knee pain.

Robert entered the clinic with complaints of low back pain; he was diagnosed with bulging discs between L3-L5 with a pinched nerve in his low back after a fall from an aircraft in 2003 along with lifting a small generator the same year. Roberts’s pain was rated at 7/10 daily with an increase in pain with walking and standing. After session one the patient’s pain decreased to a 4/10, standing felt easier and range of motion had increase in the lumbar spine. By session 13 the patient’s pain had decreased to 2/10 daily. Session 20 he had no pain getting out of bed, no pain with walking, and an average of 2/10 pain daily.

Hugh was complaining of right sided symptoms after suffering from a left temporal stroke in 2007. His stroke led to optical nerve damage, radiculopathy, and neuropathy in his right extremity. He suffers from occasional headaches. Most of his pain is located in this right hand and arm with right sided weakness and neck pain. All of his symptoms seemed to have stemmed from an explosion in 2005. After treatment one he stated that his hand felt “more like a regular hand” with an increase in movement. By treatment number 5 he was able to stand more erect with his shoulder pulled back; his wife noted she had never seen his stand so straight. By session 18 his hands were becoming more mobile along with an increase in skin tone. After all 20 sessions his pain has decreased to a 2/10.

Aaron was paralyzed T9 incomplete in 2007 during a surgery that went wrong. He has pain from T9 to the bottom of his feet. The pain he feels daily is burning, stabbing, and crushing and the pain has increased since the DOI. After the first day of treatment he had a decrease in the burning sensation in his lower extremity. By session 5 he had an increase in ROM in the toes and ankles and a decrease in the burning sensation. He also had a decrease in back pain and spasms. By session 18 he has seen a decrease in spasms and noticed an increase in lower extremity sensation.