ARP POV Sport: The Ultimate Performance Enhancement Tool

The ARP POV Sport is a revolutionary, electrical stimulation device that uses advanced technology to facilitate health, performance, and restoration. It possesses specifications and characteristics that are not found in any conventional, neuromuscular electrical stimulator (interferential, microcurrent, galvanic, Russian stim, iontophoresis). Unlike other performance or recovery machines, the ARP POV Sport allows the body’s systems to respond more efficiently to work. The ARP POV Sport facilitates incredible strengthening and recovery abilities allowing the user to gain greater physical results in shorter periods of time. 

  • Warm Up/Stretch
  • Train
  • Cool Down/Stretch
  • Recover

The training machine of the future, ARP POV uses direct current (DC) compounded with a high-frequency, double-exponential, patented-background waveform. This background wave is harmonious with the body and accomplishes the following:

  • Significantly reduces skin and fatty tissue resistance, thus allowing much deeper penetration of the direct current without troublesome side effects, such as skin burning
  • Creates minimal protective muscle contractions, allowing active range of motion during training
  • Permits eccentric (lengthening) contractions to occur

These lengthening contractions are critical to elite training results.

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Training & Recovery

The ARP POV Sport facilitates efficient training and recovering simultaneously. This is achieved by rapidly contracting and elongating muscles, which teaches the body that with every muscle contraction, there must be an equal velocity and load elongation of its antagonistic muscle. This results in the following:

Utilization of the ARP POV Sport results in accelerated recovery and performance.

  • Increased strength
  • Increased speed
  • Increased joint and limb mobility
  • Increased blood flow
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Decreased recovery time.

Application of the ARP POV Sport allows all involved muscles to turn on and turn off rapidly, which identifies compensation patterns. POV current is applied to stimulate an “overload” of those muscles to produce a subsequent detraining of the compensation patterns. Correct motor patterns are reestablished, eliminating the imprinting of nonproductive compensation patterns. The combination of this detraining, along with the other unique effects of the ARP POV Sport, results in accelerated recovery and performance.

In training, the human body reacts in both productive and non-productive ways. The ARP POV Sport allows you to work more efficiently to eliminate these unproductive responses and get your desired results.
  • Improving strength, speed, power, and endurance
  • Reducing fatigue or injuries
  • Increasing muscle and decreasing body fat
  • Stimulating training and customizing workouts

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  • Increased blood flow
  • Production of reparative cells
  • Remodeling of tissue

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  • Soreness brain turns on muscles to “protect”
  • Compensation patterns create pain from inappropriate muscle activity
  • Compensation patterns imprinted prevent normal function

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